Changing the odds – Bill and Melinda Gates on how geography and gender stack the deck

In the latest Goalkeepers Report from the Gates Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates discuss How Geography and Gender Stack the Deck For (or Against) You.

In Goalkeeper Report 2019 Melinda and Bill Gates discuss how various factors outside our individual control at birth and throughout our lives can predetermine success and well-being throughout our lives. These key elements include demographics, socioeconomic factors, shocks and fragility, governance, and geography. The report outlines through personal stories and clear maps and graphics how these factors can smooth our individual life journey or present daunting obstacles to well-being.

From Goalkeeper 2019 Report

The subject of Goalkeeper Report 2019 is based on 17 Sustainable Development Goals identified by the United Nations. Reducing inequity within and between countries is a key goal to spread the benefits of sustainable development evenly across the global community. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation uses insights into the root causes of inequity to focus their investments in health and development in low-income countries, and in education for students who are low-income, students of color, or both.

We are lucky to live in King County, which leads the nation in many of the indicators of socioeconomic progress. But even in King County there are significant disparities within segments of our population that can be correlated with geography and gender, as well as race and other factors. King County strives to ‘lead with equity’ in the formulation of policy and investments in programs and services. You can learn more about how King County works towards equity and social justice for all segments of our population by subscribing to the King County ESJ Newsletter and reading the King County ESJ Strategic Plan.

Melinda and Bill Gates understand how geography impacts equity. If you are interested in learning about how GIS can be used to address issues related to equity and social justice, consider these resources:

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