Siskiyou County implements enterprise GIS

Some of the more-interesting and rewarding projects we get to work on at the King County GIS Center are requests from other governments to help them get started on their own enterprise-wide GIS infrastructure. Not too long ago, King County GIS Center staff planned and implemented components of an enterprise Geographic Information System for Siskiyou County, California.

NSGIC publishes best practices guidance to improve elections with GIS

Free and fair elections are the bedrock foundation of our democracy. In the United States, responsibility to administer elections is delegated to the individual states, which then support election activity at the county level. Within the state of Washington, elections are the responsibility of the Secretary of State. The Department of Elections is responsible within…

Changing the odds – Bill and Melinda Gates on how geography and gender stack the deck

In the latest Goalkeepers Report from the Gates Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates discuss How Geography and Gender Stack the Deck For (or Against) You. In Goalkeeper Report 2019 Melinda and Bill Gates discuss how various factors outside our individual control at birth and throughout our lives can predetermine success and well-being throughout our lives.…

How GIS helps King County Elections track ballot drop boxes

The King County Department of Elections conducts all elections by paper ballot, which a voter either mails or deposits into one of nearly 70 drop boxes that are distributed throughout the county. For its secure tracking of drop-box collections, Elections transitioned in the spring of 2019 to an all-digital workflow using mostly Esri GIS products. The all-digital aspect is notable in part because this is not yet common practice among elections agencies.

Its all about location! ArcGIS Pro Quick-Start for the GIS Professional in Seattle

Location enabled technology is the future. Are you an experienced GIS user who wants to make the leap to ArcGIS Pro? Make Seattle on September 17-18 your location to make your leap to ArcGIS Pro! With fast processing, enhanced 3D capabilities, and a whole new interface, ArcGIS Pro, Esri’s next-generation GIS software, promises a wealth…