Go for the Summit – Take your ArcGIS Pro skills to the top with KCGIS as your guide!

Have you made the transition to ArcGIS Pro? Take your skills to the top with two advanced ArcGIS Pro classes from the KCGIS Training Program to choose from in 2021. While COVID-19 restrictions remain in place all KCGIS classes are presented remotely, via ZOOM. To maximize class effectiveness, class size is limited to just seven students. Don’t get left behind at base camp – register today for Intermediate ArcGIS Pro or Advanced ArcGIS Pro! Awesome views await you at the top!

Intermediate and Advanced level ArcGIS Pro:

Intermediate ArcGIS Pro Overview (three days)
One of the things that makes ArcGIS so useful is the tremendous amount of data available to map and analyze. In the Intermediate ArcGIS Pro class you will learn to find, connect to, create, manage, and analyze that data. You will learn to search government sites for available GIS data, import non-GIS data formats, and to connect your maps to non-spatial spreadsheets, database tables, and other file formats. For example, linking parcels to scanned documents like deeds, and attaching photographs to road hazard locations. You will also learn to create, maintain, and manipulate your organization’s internal data to keep the data relevant, up-to-date, and useful. Finally, this class will also teach you how to present your GIS data by focusing on map labeling techniques and layout skills.

Advanced ArcGIS Pro Overview (Three days)
For many GIS projects, there is a simplified way to accomplish a task, as well as a more advanced approach to complete the same task. Now that you are comfortable with the basic functionality of ArcGIS Pro, you may be looking for some more advanced methods of accomplishing your goals. Maybe you want to set some restrictions on your datasets to make sure the appropriate attribute values are always used, or to ensure that there are never gaps between parcel boundaries. Maybe you want to automate repetitive tasks, or perhaps you would like to tie events – such as a set of bus stops or different stormwater pipe diameters – along line features with automated ease. These advanced operations are often overlooked but can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of GIS.
If you have not yet begun your ArcGIS Pro journey, consider our two introductory class offerings:

Beginner-level ArcGIS Pro:

Transition to ArcGIS Pro for experienced GIS users:

The King County GIS Center began offering ArcGIS Pro classes in July 2017. Our staff members have almost four years’ experience using ArcGIS Pro. Let us guide you past the pitfalls and up toward the awesome views of your future as an ArcGIS Pro master.
For online sessions of these classes, students must have ArcGIS Pro installed on their computer before class starts.

What You Will Receive:
• Instruction from a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT).
• Online sessions: attendees must provide own computer and ArcGIS Pro software, appropriate Student license and access to training data will be provided.
• A TeachMeGIS student workbook (to keep) which includes the lecture slides, exercises, and a DVD of the training data.
• Upon completion, a signed completion certificate which will indicate the CEUs and GISCI points earned.
• KCGIS Center’s 30 for 30 Support—30 minutes of phone, email, or face-to-face support within 30 days after class completion. This is our commitment to you to help ensure that you can apply your new GIS skills successfully.

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