New GIS for Equity & Social Justice workshop at the Washington GIS Conference in Tacoma on May 21

At the 2019 Washington GIS Conference in May, Nicole Franklin, Chief Equity Officer for King County IT, and I will present a brand-new workshop, Introduction to GIS for Equity and Social Justice. The workshop is intended for GIS professionals and for Equity & Social Justice (ESJ) and public policy practitioners.  The cost for this half-day…

Thurston County jumps into ArcGIS Pro

For experienced ArcGIS users who are familiar with ArcMap and ArcCatalog, the prospect of learning a new interface can be daunting. And who has the time? The Thurston County GeoData Center in Olympia decided to make the time and jumped in with both feet by hiring the King County GIS Center to conduct a special onsite edition of our ArcGIS Pro Quick-Start for the GIS Professional class.

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…Fundamentals of ArcGIS in Seattle, March 26-27

Time, space, and money are each finite and interconnected. They impact each decision that we make. GIS is the optimal tool to help companies, agencies, students, and researchers discover how to best utilize their finite resources. ArcGIS Desktop is still the workhorse software tool that most agencies and companies use for the bulk of their…

The Role of GIS Professionals in Issues of Equity and Social Justice

During the past year interest in using GIS to address issues related to Equity and Social Justice (ESJ) have been accelerating. Recently Mark Salling from Cleveland State University, Nicole Franklin, King County Chief Equity Officer, and I co-authored an article for URISA’s The GIS Professional to initiate a discussion about the role of GIS professionals…

A just-in-case map gets the call

King County Metro Transit, in coordination with area jurisdictions, including the City of Seattle, has long designated a network of high-ridership bus routes that can use typically plowed streets and which avoid steep hills to provide a reduced but core level of service during major snow events.

It is fortunate that weather conditions over the last six years had not necessitated the activation of Metro’s Emergency Snow Network and the publication of their Emergency Snow Network map. That is until two days ago.

Where in King County? Seattle Has a New Tunnel!

It has been a mere 10 years since then Governor Christine Gregoire chose a tunnel option to replace the Highway 99 Alaskan Way Viaduct. Replacement of the viaduct was urgent because of the damage done to the viaduct by the Nisqually Earthquake. The new SR 99 tunnel is now open to the public! Remember Bertha?…

When is a location not a location?

Cartographers and GIS analysts often have to make choices about where, within a given map space, to position points that represent real-world features. Shouldn’t be a big deal though, should it? A place is a place, a location a location. It’s just there. You know, where the house or building or parking lot, or whatever, sits on the ground! Well, it isn’t that simple.