Sound to Summit Regional GIS 1-1 Discussion Sessions are Beginning

The Sound to Summit Regional GIS Project is preparing to initiate one on one discussions within the King County region soon.
Regional GIS Project Goals
The strategic objective of the Sound to Summit Regional GIS Study Steering Committee (Steering Committee) is to determine the best feasible way to organize and operate geographic information system (GIS) services within the region to enable enhanced use and business effectiveness from GIS, increase ROI, and decreased cost.

Regional GIS 1-1 Discussion Sessions
The Sound to Summit Regional GIS Steering Committee, comprised of volunteer representatives for a variety of representative agencies, has been conducting planning and research for the next phase of this project.
The next phase of the project involves sharing a summary of our initial research finding and discussing possible future regional GIS coordination, collaboration, and resource sharing scenarios. Most importantly, we want to hear from stakeholders in each individual agency. What is the state of GIS capability for your agency? What kind of ROI and other benefits are you achieving with GIS now?
What are the key priorities for your agency? What is your vision for GIS overall and how do you hope it will help with your key priorities?
These sessions will be conducted at your convenience and in your agency work location.
As part of the individual Regional GIS 1-1 sessions, we will work with you to:
• Understand the current capability and maturity level of your GIS
• Understand the quantifiable ROI that you are achieving with your GIS
• Understand any GIS-related issues or limitations
• Share your long-term GIS goals and vision
• Consider viable options for enhanced regional GIS collaboration and resource sharing
• Explore your interest in possibly pursuing any viable options for future regional GIS
After the agency Regional GIS 1-1 session, we will provide a written summary report that will provide a high-level assessment of your GIS and discuss possible regional GIS options for future collaboration.
Next steps and to learn more
Look for an email and a phone call from the Sound to Summit Regional GIS study chair, Greg Babinski. Contact Greg ( / 206-477-4402) with any questions or comments. Also contact Greg if there are specific people in your agency who should be included in your session.
To learn more, read Sound to Summit Regional GIS Sessions Beginning in GIS & You. This article includes a statement of the value proposition for this project, as well as an outline of the progress completed to date.
The Sound to Summit Regional GIS Steering Committee is represented by these agencies:
• City of Bellevue: Tom Nolan
• City of Covington: Shawn Buck
• City of Enumclaw: Darci Smith
• City of Kent: Catherine Crook (Secretary)
• City of Kirkland: Xiaoning Jiang
• City of Mercer Island: Leah Llamas
• City of Renton: Gary Del Rosario
• City of Seattle: Steve Beimborn
• Sammamish Plateau Water: Kevin DeRouen
• Snoqualmie Tribe: Heather Minella
• King County: Greg Babinski (Chair)

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