Thurston County jumps into ArcGIS Pro

It’s time to learn ArcGIS Pro!

For experienced ArcGIS users who are familiar with ArcMap and ArcCatalog, the prospect of learning a new interface can be daunting. And who has the time? The Thurston County GeoData Center in Olympia decided to make the time and jumped in with both feet by hiring the King County GIS Center to conduct a special onsite edition of our ArcGIS Pro Quick-Start for the GIS Professional class. This was more cost effective than sending 12 Thurston County GIS professionals to Seattle for two days.


ArcGIS Pro Quick-Start introduces experienced GIS users to the new ArcGIS Pro interface. They learn how to create projects, navigate around the map with more comprehensive tools, easily share items to ArcGIS Online, explore 3D map options, create complex layouts, and practice editing with group templates. Throughout the class students gain experience with the new interface as they discover where Esri put their favorite tools.

Working with the Thurston County GIS professionals was a wonderful experience for me as their instructor. They asked challenging questions about how ArcGIS Pro compares to ArcMap. They liked the bigger icons on the interface and ArcGIS Pro’s performance speed. Creating a group editing template to complete multiple editing tasks at once and viewing data in 3D were intriguing. ArcGIS Pro has many different icons and tabs that turn on and off depending on what layer is selected, so learning where all of the layout tools for map elements are located was a bit challenging. We utilized the online ArcGIS Pro help document and user forums, and the students were not hesitant to click through the different options on the interface to see what the tools do.

Thurston GeoData Center jumped into ArcGIS Pro with both feet—well, actually with 24 feet!—and you can too. If you are ready to learn ArcGIS Pro, the King County GIS Center can help. Our ArcGIS Pro Quick-Start for the GIS Professional instructor-led class will get you up and running in a hurry. If you are a newer GIS user, Introduction to ArcGIS Pro and Intermediate ArcGIS Pro provide foundational GIS skills using the ArcGIS Pro environment. Attend classes in our easy-to-get-to Seattle training facility (transit options within a short walk include Link light rail, numerous bus stops for local Metro Transit and regional Sound Transit service, Seattle Streetcar, Sounder commuter rail, and both car and passenger and fast passenger-only ferries). Or ask us about the many benefits of on-site KCGIS training at your location.

Thurston GeoData Center student comments:

Instructor is a user of the product and not a seller! Willing to share good and bad areas of the software she experiences in her daily work.

Great overview of what you can do with ArcGIS Pro.

To learn more about the Thurston GeoData Center, contact Tami Faulkner, Thurston County IT/GIS Supervisor.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

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