Virtual to physical: translating a 3D landscape to a printed model

As the most-used GIS packages, ArcGIS and QGIS are amazing and powerful for analytical applications. Despite their analytical strengths, they sometimes don’t quite achieve the quality needed for high-level graphics. It’s common for cartographers to prepare maps or layers of maps in ArcGIS, then export them for use in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator where more sophisticated graphic techniques can be applied to create finished map products. The King County GIS Center recently came across another need to go beyond the graphic capabilities of ArcGIS.

2019 Aerial Imagery: from camera to map

As King County was taking delivery of the 2019 digital imagery data from its vendor, EagleView Technologies, GIS analysts, cartographers, and software engineers across King County government, plus users of our GIS products throughout the area, anxiously awaited the creation, from the delivered data, of a variety of secondary imagery products for use in their analyses, maps, and applications.

“Land-grab universities: Expropriated Indigenous land is the foundation of the land-grant university system.”

I started reading High Country News back in the 1970’s when one of my favorite authors, Edward Abbey, was an occasional contributor. The following article demonstrates the type of respected journalism that HCN is renowned for, along with the use of GIS data analysis to expose a little-known social justice issue. The article, Land-grab universities:…

Location tracking during Covid-19: An EthicalGEO Pod Episode

Geospatial data and tools, including personal location tracking, are extremely valuable for policy planning, public information, and public health response, and may play a valuable role in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many privacy experts are concerned that a renewed impetus to collect the location of all global citizens leads to massive infringements on…

GIS for COVID-19 online roundtable on April 1 – KCGIS User Group special meeting

The April 1, 2020 King County GIS User Group meeting will feature an important roundtable discussion on issues related to using GIS to support agency response to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis in our communities. This meeting will be held via Skype or Zoom. As usual, the KCGIS User Group meeting is open to anyone. Many…