Going to ArcGIS Pro in 2020? KCGIS has the 2019 year-end class for you!

What’s in a picture? Things are changing in Seattle! The viaduct served us well for many years, but it is gone. The Waterfront Tunnel is open and traffic is humming. New Link Light Rail extensions are snaking up to Northgate and across Lake Washington to Mercer Island, Bellevue, and beyond. These are the new transportation routes of our future.

ArcGIS Desktop has served us well, but now there is a new route to the future of your GIS career: ArcGIS Pro.

With fast processing, enhanced 3D capabilities, and a new intuitive interface, ArcGIS Pro, Esri’s next-generation GIS software, promises a wealth of potential for experienced GIS users. King County GIS Training has a class designed to help users get up and running in Pro as quickly as possible.

ArcGIS Pro Quickstart will help you become familiar with the new project structure, understand the intuitive and dynamic interface structure, and learn how to do all of your favorite tasks in a whole new way.

If you are comfortable with ArcGIS Desktop and want to learn how to incorporate ArcGIS Pro as part of your overall GIS arsenal, register today! This two-day class will be held December 10-11 in our newly upgraded downtown Seattle GIS training facility.

Register today while seats are still available!

Topics Covered
Day 1

Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro
An overview of the ArcGIS platform and how ArcGIS Pro fits
Opening and navigating a project in the software

Starting Your Project
Create a project and add maps and data
Work with layers in the new environment of ribbons, panes, and views

Working with Layers
Set transparency and scale dependency
Create unique value and graduated color legends
Label maps

Connecting to a Portal
Explore the relationship between ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online/Portal
Learn how to share content between them

Day 2

Working in 3D
Convert 2D maps to 3D maps
Understand the difference between 3D in Pro compared to 3D Analyst in ArcMap

Analysis and Geoprocessing
Organization and functionality of analysis tools in Pro
Geoprocessing and Network Analyst tools, ModelBuilder, Python, and raster functions

Managing and Editing Data
Editing environment and capabilities
Editing tab and the Create Features and Modify Features panes

Compare layout capabilities in ArcGIS Pro with ArcMap
Create multiple layouts within a project, 3D map frames, and more

Prerequisites and Recommendations
Attendees should have knowledge of Microsoft Windows® and have a comfortable working knowledge of the use of ArcGIS Desktop, including the topics covered in both the Fundamentals of ArcGIS and Intermediate GIS Concepts classes.

What You Will Receive
15 hours of instruction from a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT).
Use of a student PC while in class, with appropriate GIS software and access to training data.
A TeachMeGIS student workbook (to keep) which includes the lecture slides, exercises, and a DVD of the training data.
Upon completion, a signed completion certificate which will indicate the CEUs (1.5) and GISCI points (0.375) earned.
KCGIS Center’s 30 for 30 Support—30 minutes of phone, email, or face-to-face support within 30 days after class completion. This is our commitment to you to help ensure that you can apply your new GIS skills successfully.

Refine your ArcGIS Pro Skills and prepare for 2020!

Once you’ve established your foundation in ArcGIS Pro, sign up for Intermediate ArcGIS Pro, being offered March 10-12 and May 12-14, 2020.

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