Esri ‘shout-outs’ about three recent KCGIS projects

Three recent King County GIS projects have been spotlighted by Esri in their corporate media in recent weeks! Esri ArcGIS software is the foundational technology for King County GIS. It enables our team of highly skilled and productive GIS professionals to support the business needs of County GIS end-users. These three articles explain some of the ways that we achieve our mission.

Noxious Weed Removal with Real-Time Data in the Fall 2019 issue of ArcNews focused on KCGIS use of ArcGIS Quick Capture. It outlines how KCGIS programmer Harkeerat Kang helped to improve the operations and effectiveness of King County’s Noxious weeds Program.

Earlier this week (Nov. 11) Esri’s State and Local Brief E-Briefs Newsletter called out two KCGIS projects. First, Esri spotlighted how KCGIS helped King County Elections establish an improved process to track ballot drop box collections during election cycles.

A second State and Local Brief E-Briefs Newsletter focused on King County Solid Waste Divisions program to assess equity and social justice issues with GIS.

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