King County GIS Ranked #1 in U.S. in 2019 Geospatial Maturity Index

On this GIS Day, November 13, 2019, King County GIS was named by PSD as the number one ranked GIS operation in the United States in their annual Geospatial Maturity Index (GMI). 127 organizations in Canada and the United States participated in the GMI survey.

King County GIS participated in the GMI survey to refine our insights into how King County GIS compares to our peers and to help identify areas that we should target for improvement in the future.

Calgary, Canada was named the top GIS operation in North America. Calgary demonstrated its maturity in its utilization of dedicated software to facilitate GIS data flow management, in contrast to most agencies which utilize manual processes.

Tyler Sutton, PSD General Manager of Research and Marketing, commented:

“It is clear from the 2019 GMI results that GIS programs continue to evolve in the public sector. The City of Calgary, King County, and many of our other top ranking organizations have positioned their respective GIS teams to enable enhanced decision-making, communications, and data manipulation across all departments. GIS programs, when supported by effective teams and appropriate technologies and processes, can serve as a foundation for achieving any strategic objective of our government organizations, from a smart city plan to an asset management strategy.”

PSD is a global leader in the provision of enterprise asset management and budgeting research, consulting and software. PSD has offices in Victoria, BC and Toronto and London, Ontario. PSD describes the GMI as ‘…designed to benchmark the maturity of an organization’s GIS program and is made up of 85 questions organized within three competency categories: Readiness, Implementation, and Impact.’

For more information, read the full PSD press release, 2019 GMI Report, or consult the PSD web site.

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