GIS for Equity & Social Justice – New Workshop in Seattle

King County’s new GIS for ESJ workshop is an introduction to recent trends and practices related to using GIS for equity and social justice (ESJ). GIS for Equity & Social Justice will be presented on Tuesday, September 24. Register online to reserve your seat in this intense half-day workshop.

Instructors Nicole Franklin (King County IT Equity Officer) and Greg Babinski (King County GIS Center) will explore critical race theory (CRT) and trends in critical race spatial analysis. We will review recent literature and academic programs around the topic of GIS for ESJ.

Most importantly we will outline best practices for GIS professionals in doing GIS for ESJ work. This includes creating a data/mapping/application support framework both for their own work and to support the work of non-GIS professionals.

This workshop is intended both for GIS professionals interested in the emerging field of applying GIS for ESJ issues, and for ESJ practitioners who want to apply GIS for equity and social justice-related planning, analysis, and program monitoring. A complete description of GIS for ESJ is available on the online KCGIS Center Training program catalog.

This will be the third offering of this workshop. The workshop has been submitted for certification by URISA. Past student comments include:

“This was interesting and informative.”

“Well done…this was useful…a ton of information.”

“Great introduction to this topic.”

Read more about the emerging field of GIS for Equity & Social Justice on GIS & You, and in the URISA GIS Professional.

Register today for GIS for Equity & Social Justice. Our training facility is conveniently located in downtown Seattle, with easy access to bus, ferry, Link light rail, Sounder Commuter trains, Pioneer Square, the International District, and Mariners baseball! Visit our website for complete information about our comprehensive instructor led GIS training program!

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