2019 GIS Training in Seattle from King County GIS

King County GIS is excited to announce our January through July 2019 schedule of face-to-face GIS training classes in Seattle. Instructor-led face-to-face training provides the ideal learning environment for developing hands-on GIS skills. Put yourself in the picture by signing up for KCGIS training today!


Our GIS training program provides benefits to your employer through enhanced GIS effectiveness and ROI. GIS training also supports your future career development, while earning CEUs and GISP educational points.

Here is our current schedule (click on each class for an overview, topics covered, prerequisites and recommendations, a list of what you will receive, and a link to register online):

January 8-9: Introduction to ArcGIS Pro

February 26-27: ArcGIS Pro Quick-Start for the GIS Professional

March 26-27: Fundamentals of ArcGIS (Desktop)

April 23-25: Intermediate ArcGIS Pro

May 22-24: Intermediate GIS Concepts (Desktop)

June 3-4: Introduction to ArcGIS Pro

June 5-7: Intermediate ArcGIS Pro

July 23-24: Data Management in the Geodatabase

Classes are offered in our downtown Seattle computer training facility, with an all new HD projection system, 15 dual-screen student computers, and convenient location for public transportation, and after-class restaurants, sites, and shopping.

Every student also receives 30 minutes of 1-1 phone support during the 30 days after your class ends!

For everything about the King County GIS Training Program, visit our website: www.kingcounty.gov/gis/training.




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