Upcoming Seattle Training: Data Management in the Geodatabase and the GIS Academy (Oct. 22-26)

Its time to register for 2018 training in Seattle to build your future GIS skills. Face to face, instructor-led training builds a solid foundation in GIS to advance your career.

The King County GIS Center is offering two-day Data Management in the Geodatabase and the three-day GIS Academy in one week in October.





Data Management in the Geodatabase Overview

For many GIS projects, there is a simplified way to accomplish a task, as well as a more advanced approach for completing the same task. Now that you’re comfortable with the basic functionality of ArcGIS, you may be looking for some more advanced methods of accomplishing your goals. Maybe you want to set some restrictions on your datasets to make sure the appropriate attribute values are always used, or to ensure that there are never gaps between parcel boundaries. Maybe you want to make more permanent connections between datasets and tables. Or perhaps you’d like to tie events, such as a set of bus stops, along line features with automated ease. These advanced operations are often overlooked, but can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of GIS.

GIS Academy Overview

You’ve worked with ArcGIS and you have access to good data, but now you need to really deliver. Spend three intensive days with skilled King County GIS Center practitioners and learn how to get the most out of your GIS software and data. Our instructors will share their knowledge and help build your skills in a small-class-size, hands-on environment.  GIS Academy makes it easy to take advantage of KCGIS custom training by delivering four GIS Training Express classes back to back over three days.

Register for both classes and save!  Five days of training at exceptional value.

We encourage students who want to go even further to add the optional two-day class, “Data Management in the Geodatabase,” to their GIS Academy experience. This class occurs Monday and Tuesday of GIS Academy week, and it complements the Academy by teaching advanced ArcGIS skills. It also covers much of the material that was included previously in our former five-day GIS Academy.

What You Will Receive

  • 7.5 hours of instruction each day from a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT).
  • Use of a student PC while in class, with appropriate GIS software and access to training data.
  • For Data Management in the Geodatabase: A TeachMeGIS student workbook (to keep) which includes the lecture slides, exercises, and a DVD of the training data.
  • For The GIS Academy: A copy of the King County GIS Academy course workbook.
  • Upon completion, a signed completion certificate which will indicate the CEUs and GISCI points earned.
  • KCGIS Center’s 30 for 30 Support—30 minutes of one-on-one instructor phone within 30 days after class completion. This is our commitment to you to help ensure that you can apply your new GIS skills successfully.

Location: 201 South Jackson Street – with convenient public transportation.

Our Students Speak

“I really enjoyed learning about subtypes, linear referencing, and relationship classes. I hadn’t spent much time on these topics in other courses.”

“Great instructors and content. Comfortable class environment.”

“The Academy was amazing! Never been to a more informative and useful class.”

“Awesome class! Will use every bit of this knowledge in my GDB.”

“The instructors were both terrific. The class size was also nice and manageable and allowed time for assistance, questions and a slower pace.”

“Understanding of COGO even though I may never use it. It will be beneficial in that I understand it’s potential. I hope to use it. I loved the more advanced editing tools. I also liked the refresher (for me) on geodatabase domains and subtypes.”

“Loved the pace of the course. It’s so nice having the extra time in class to work on the exercises. I don’t feel pressured to complete them and move on. It gives me time to formulate my questions.”

“I liked the personal questions that were answered…about how to implement the model builder into my own projects”

“Learning how to use ModelBuilder to automate repetitive tasks is going to be VERY helpful for work.”

“Learning how to do spatial joins and the basic ModelBuilder. Those two exercises back-to-back were great.”

“Helped me with filling in my knowledge gaps for the analysis toolbox”

“I gained the ability to export and fill in the metadata while updating the data. Tricks and skills to make working with GIS easier and more efficient, tools to find answers to current and future questions. Exercises were helpful”

“I liked the walk-through of the metadata editor, and becoming aware of the issues that you can encounter with conversions/import/export.”

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