2017 URISA GIS Salary Survey and the GISP

The 2017 URISA GIS Salary Survey is now available. Some highlights of the survey and an executive summary (PDF) that you can download are available to everyone on the URISA website.

Everybody is different 1

Some interesting takeaways…

  • The average salary of survey respondents was $70,857 — an increase of 15% over the 2010 average of $61,540. This is not bad during a period where wage growth has been very slow across the economy.
  • Respondents spend an average of 70.8% of their time performing geospatial tasks.
  • GISPs (certified GIS professionals), on average, earned $10,000 more than non-GISPs. Do you have your GISP®?

The next GISP Exam Test period is scheduled for June 2-9, 2018.

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