Free opportunity for URISA International members – Preparing for GISP Certification Webinar


The GISP® designation has become a respected and in-demand indication of skills as a GIS professional. If you are pursuing GISP certification, or are thinking of doing so, URISA (Urban and Regional Information Systems Association) is offering a webinar on the GISP exam process on April 3 and 4, 2018. The URISA “Preparing for GISP Certification Webinar” is a six-hour, two-day virtual event featuring a group of talented GIS experts who will share valuable information that can increase your chance of success.

The GISP certification program is run by the GIS Certification Institute. Currently more than 9500 people worldwide hold GIS Professional certification, including 270 in Washington state and seven within King County GIS.

The webinar is free for URISA International members.

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