The GIS Justice League

The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (PAO) is a recurring client of King County GIS Center Client Services. Often the PAO needs our help creating exhibits for court or with analyzing GPS data to develop a case. Recently we provided the PAO with custom maps for a courtroom display. In her final project before retiring, King County GIS Center analyst Constance Carlson created a set of three maps for use during a trial in King County Superior Court.


A simple GIS-generated map for courtroom display.

The trial involved a shooting that had occurred in downtown Seattle. There was some dispute over where various parties to the incident were located around a certain block in the Pioneer Square neighborhood. The court displays we created helped the prosecutor demonstrate to the jurors the context of the events, lines of sight, and related spatial matters.

With the help of KCGIS Center map products, the prosecutor made his case successfully and the perpetrator will receive appropriate justice. We are not superheroes, but the King County GIS Justice League is always ready at your service!

Dennis Higgins is the Client Services Manager in the King County GIS Center.

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