Department of Enterprise Services and King County Partner to Bring GIS Training to Washington State and Beyond

By Marcia Moody and Greg Babinski Bringing GIS training to agencies across Washington StateOn January 8, 2007, eight State of Washington employees made their way from Olympia to the King County GIS Center Training Facility in downtown Seattle. At 8:00am, a King County GIS training instructor, Mary Ullrich, welcomed the eight, as well as eight…

Where in King County?

We are introducing a new monthly contest called “Where in King County?”
Each month GIS & You will present a portion of a map either published on the King County website or produced from a King County GIS web-mapping application, like iMap or Parcel Viewer. Each contest will also spotlight some of the features available from the web-mapping applications and some cartographic concepts that can help make you a more effective map user.

A virtual view of what’s new in Seattle

Seattle, the county seat for King County and the largest city in the state of Washington, has seen great growth in the past 15 years in the construction of new buildings and infrastructure. During this same 15-year span, here in the King County GIS Center we have added two sets of vintage “lidar” data for the county to our GIS data library.