GIS for COVID-19 online roundtable on April 1 – KCGIS User Group special meeting

The April 1, 2020 King County GIS User Group meeting will feature an important roundtable discussion on issues related to using GIS to support agency response to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis in our communities. This meeting will be held via Skype or Zoom. As usual, the KCGIS User Group meeting is open to anyone.

Many agencies are struggling with how best to leverage GIS as part of their COVID-19 response efforts. This roundtable will bring together people from the Puget Sound region and across the U.S. to share a snapshot of their approach to using GIS for COVID-19, as well as their challenges and issues. Issues include balancing personal location privacy with the public’s desire to know case locations. Then we will have a panel discussion and the opportunity to take questions from the audience.

Current invited speakers include:

• George Horning: King County GIS (Seattle) Manager
• Stephen Beimborn: City of Seattle GIS Manager
• Katie Miga, GISP, Fairfax County (Virgina) GIS Analyst
• Joanne Markert, Washington State GIS Coordinator
• Daniel Stoelb, GIS Program Coordinator, Oregon Office of Emergency Management
• Dara Seidl, EthicalGEO Fellow
• Joseph Elfeldt, Mapping
• Cheryl Wilder, Health GIS Professional (Texas)
• Tamara Kamara, City of Detroit (Michigan) Enterprise Applications Manager

This event is free and open to anyone, but advanced registration is required. Shortly before the event, registered attendees will receive a meeting invitation with online meeting access instructions.

Here is a related GIS & You article about the Johns Hopkins University Covid-19 Webmap.

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