Where in King County? Exploring Census Viewer

Up to this point, Where in King County? questions have required that you use iMap, King County’s flagship web mapping application. This month’s question requires that you explore the use of another useful King County GIS web mapping application: Census Viewer. Don’t worry, Census Viewer has much the same functionality as iMap.

The key difference with Census Viewer is that it displays census data for language, income, poverty, race and ethnicity in King County at the census tract level. These demographic data are based on the 2010 – 2014 American Community Survey 5 Year Average provided by the U. S. Census Bureau. Since this data is based on a survey, it is considered to be an estimate and should be used with that understanding.

So here is the basis for this months Where in King County? question. I love Chinese hot pot restaurants. If you haven’t tried one, they are unlike traditional American-style Chinese restaurants. You cook the food yourself in a simmering pot of soup that boils at your table. The soup can be mild or spicy, or the pot can be partitioned so that you have both mild and spicy soup to cook your food in. You order trays of meet, seafood, mushrooms, vegetables, eggs, dumplings, and tofu and cook it at your own leisure. It can be spicy hot, so a supply of cold beer is important for me. There are at least half a dozen hot pot restaurants in the Puget Sound region.


Now rumor has it that a famous hot pot restaurant from Beijing will be coming to Seattle soon! But where in King County? Could Census Viewer help locate an ideal location for this restaurant? Your question for this month is to find the census tracts in King County that have at least 20% of the population who speak Chinese, plus with a median household income over $75,000 per year. I think there are two census tracts, and that maybe the combination of these criteria would be a good location for this new hot pot restaurant.


Use the layer list and legend controls in Census Viewer to help you find these two census tracts. Notice that if you click on a census tract, a pop-up window will provide statistical information. You will have to develop a logical method to find these census tracts. As you explore Census Viewer, think about how you could use this data and mapping capability for demographic analysis in your work.


Once you have your answer, enter the two census tract numbers and the city/cities where they are located in the comments section below (include your name). The first correct answers received will earn the winner a dandy prize.

By the way, for the competitive types out there, no one ever answered last month’s Where in King County? question. Where in King County? Seattle Has a New Tunnel! It’s not too late to answer the February question too.


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