Transform your map design skills on January 31

Cartography and Map Design

An effective map portrays a place, delivers a message, or reveals a pattern with representational accuracy and visual clarity. How to make that happen is the subject of this workshop, a mix of lecture and exercises which gives GIS practitioners the practical information and techniques needed to create effective, successful maps in any display medium. This workshop is designed for the individual who may be new to GIS or who has not had specific training in cartography, but needs to create maps to support GIS data analysis and display. It will also be useful for GIS managers to understand how to manage a major cartographic project effectively.

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Here is an article about well-known cartographer Cindy Brewer, her research into visual perception, and how it can be used by any cartographer to make maps that are more effective, intuitive, and beautiful: The URISA Cartography and Map Design Workshop includes concepts based on Brewer’s work.

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