GIS architecture and GIS management

I often get asked for advice by my GIS colleagues about GIS program management, GIS strategic planning, organizational structure, and how to communicate GIS development concepts to upper management and IT staff. Questions come to me from agencies large and small.

Now Ed Wells, URISA Past-President and retired GIS manager for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, has written a clear and concise article about GIS Architecture and GIS Management for URISA’s GIS Professional. Ed writes….

GIS architecture, more than any other single factor, defines and limits the potential capabilities of a GIS. GIS architecture, in turn, is a crucial determinant of GIS staff roles and staff specialization.

Ed’s full article can be found in the latest (July/August 2018) issue of the GIS Professional, pp. 6-10.

The GIS Professional is just one of the many benefits of being a URISA Member.

If you find Ed’s article of value, consider attending URISA’s 2018 GIS-Pro Conference in Palm Springs in October. Ed and I will be happy to talk to you there.


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